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9 de Outubro, 2019

What to do in Praia da Rocha

With a vast and spacious sandy beach that stretches for over 1 km, protected by cliffs of tons of heat and aesthetically cut, a rock or vacation resort elected by increasingly holidaymakers, being one of the closest beaches in the country. The beach has a network of wide walkways that run almost all over the territory, and along which is multiplied the support equipment for beach users, including a sports area. Already on the promenade that follows the sea front of the Rock, there are hotels, bars, terraces, nightclubs and a casino, culminating in the marina of Portimão, diversifying a tourist offer and offering a lot of color and animation on the beach. From the towering viewpoints at the far ends of the beach, the Three Castles to the West and the Santa Catarina de Ribamar Fortress, at the entrance of the Arade River Bar, visitors leave with a fabulous panoramic view over a coastline between Ponta João d ‘ Arens and the Altar Tip. Despite the urban and tourism component that surrounds the Rock, a natural landscape seems to be even more striking, both for its grandeur and beauty.

Category: Holiday Ideas